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All I know is that he requested an equal relationship many times and we have to be careful to assume its was all for money. There are dads who actually want to see their kids more. I think his moving closer to their school was a great example of that.

Regardless of what "perceived motives" are .. when a biological parent repeatedly asks for an equal relationship .. I strongly feel that it shouldn't be so easily refused and dismissed by the other parent. It's not impossible that he loves his kids and wants to see them more. I'm of the belief that he did. Too bad Angie didn't at least give it a whirl when he asked. I bet she would've been pleasantly surprised.

BTW .. nearly every post/thread that Angie does is about money .... so if dad's doing the same thing... looks like he's not the only one. Let's face is a BIG part of it .. but I don't think it means any parent wants to see their child less in the end.

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