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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
This isn't fair LF32. He came to the table with this. You have done offers and you know what you can and cant do. If he truly wanted 50/50 he would have put it and left it and not wavered. He didn't have a schedule prior to his filing for 50/50 and now that it gets right down to it his offer is less than 40%.
I wont get too off topic here Rock..

But in my books .. moving closer to the child's school, setting up an amazing family life and repeatedly being turned down for an equal relationship with his children is "not fair" in my books.

He's beaten down .. done fighting for it....I see it all the time in canlii and other stories. He did what Angie wanted and gave up to avoid the heartache and frustration of being told no to an equal relationship.

He asked for 50/50 for a good, long while Rock and was rejected. The guys done with all this high conflict, unneeded BS and he just wants it to be many. Angie's the boss here and she said no equal relationship. He doesn't want the fight. Some can take the emotional beatings...some can not. He couldn't.

The day will come when 50/50 is default if no abuse/addictions, etc and onus will be on the parent to prove why the other bio parent isn't good enough for an equal relationship instead of this gross stuff. I cant wait for that day.
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