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Did either of you have independent legal advice when signing his kitchen table agreement? If I remember from one of your posts the agreement doesn't set out access times, more so the old "as mutually agreed on"... if you are going to rely on your kitchen table agreement you need to be clear on what the terms are.

As for activities no you don't have to technically take them but remember in a few years when your oldest is a teenage and gets a job your time with them will be limited because the teenager will want to work and hang out with friends.

For what it's worth, we live 1.5 hours away from my step kids... we signed them up for baseball in our area... once a week we drive and get the kids, take them to their practice or game and drive them back to moms afterwards... that's 3 hours round trip (if not more depending where game is) for them to enjoy 1.5 hours of a game. Come summer this will only be every other week because then they are with us weekend about in the summer, but we do this for the kids. We made the choice to live where we do (jobs helped dictate that) but we do our best not to inconvenience the children. In the winter my step daughter plays a sport usually on Sundays at noon... which means our Sundays are cut short so she can attend the activities in Moms area. Again sucks for us... but the kids are happy and this is what is most important.

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