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Originally Posted by pete360 View Post
"Kitchen table" agreement, signed by both parties and witnessed. So not sure if that constitutes a "no agreement".
5K? Ok, but up to.......????

Children are now Daughter 11 and Son almost 8.
You have a signed agreement. As mentioned by a prior member, you need to file said agreement with the courts. Once filed it effectively becomes a court order. You file the order at the court house where your kids live. I did this myself with my agreement. You do not need a further order or motion UNLESS you want to change a provision in your agreement.

You've called the activities "hobbies", what exactly are the kids doing? If it is stuff like hockey/girl scouts/soccer, those are rightly called extracurricular activities. Whether or not you will be obligated to bring them going forward depends on a number of factors. Did the kids do these activities while you guys were married? If yes, there is the expectation that the kids should continue to participate in the activity as they are the unwilling participants of the divorce and shouldn't have activities suffer for their parents decision. Another factor is status quo, which you've unfortunately carried on. By continuing to bring the kids for so long, you've created a status quo scenario. You are going to have to argue that you can no longer continue, which will likely be an uphill battle.

If the activity is simply a birthday party for a classmate for example, then yeah, it is your discretion whether the kids go. You do have a say in what the kids do during your parenting time, but your issue is that your actions over the years has shown that you are capable and willing, at least grudgingly willing.

But without knowing what the "hobbies" really are, it is hard to give direction.

Also, it is parenting time, not visitation.
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