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Yes, i have gone to a couple of lawyers that couldn't really help me because i didn't have a copy of my separation agreement (not sure if i ever got it after i signed it and returned it to the ex). My ex wasn't giving me a copy of it for 6 months. I finally got it a couple of weeks ago and now i'm planning to see lawyers again.

Kitchen table agreement was done 4 years ago when i separated. Yes, i moved about a year ago. Until then i lived with my parents (still 30 minutes from the kids' house as i couldn't afford to live on my own and pay support, pay off marital debt, etc).

Re: moving:
The problems are:
1. I can't afford a house in the kids area. Tried and searched. We are currently considering houses in Barrie (about 20 minutes away from the kids mother's house). Barrie allows me to have a home i can afford and be much closer to the kids. Despite my daily commute to work - will have to figure that our later. The industry i work in is not a high paid industry and the jobs options are limited and all in Toronto.
2. Even if i moved next door, i would be under a watchful eye of control of my ex. Nothing would change as she is not willing to let go of anything she hasn't already given me.
3. Barrie means i will be 150 KM away from my daily job with no additional access to the kids. So what does that solve?
4. I NEED to have the current status quo enforced, so there are no arbitrary changes without my consent and control over what i do with the kids. That comes first, otherwise i'm living day to day, week to week not knowing if and when i get the kids, and not being able to make any plans for the kids (or my life in general). i feel, but i may be wrong, that enforced/legal agreement should come before investing into downpayment and mortgage(??). Because once i'm in the downpayment and mortgage mode, i have nothing left for court. And my ex is making it obvious that without a judge, i won't be able to get anything changed from how the situation is now.
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