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She has sole custody (i was stupid not to get a lawyer during separation as i trusted she will do the right thing - so at the time i didn't know that "custody" and "residence" are 2 different things. I could have asked for "joint custody" but gave her "main residence") - yes i know, kicking myself for that now, but all i can do is plan forward, no way i can go back in time and change what i've done.

However, I already called the school and asked - they said no problem, as long as either parent authorizes it.

However, ESPECIALLY NOW knowing that i'm preparing for court, i want my hands 100% clean. So i'm putting up with a lot of crap as i want to go into court clean as a whistle.

I know that if i went ahead and made that change and let my finance go and pick them up, there would be hell to pay.

Do you think i SHOULD do that? Would the judge reprimand me for it? In an email format (not on separation agreement - it's completely outdated and doesn't reflect status quo) she says i have kids from Friday at 6PM. So if i go and pick them up any earlier, am i not doing the same thing she is? Breaching our agreement?
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