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Hey Trinton,
picking up kids from school won't really work, here is why:
1. School ends at 3:20, i finish work at 4/4:30's and in Friday afternoon traffic it takes me at least 1.5 hours to get up there (via 400 = cottage bound route).
2. I asked my ex for my fiancÚ to pick up the kids (my fiancÚ works from home so she's fully able to and willing - she has an amazing relationship with my kids (another annoyance for my wife who often trashes her to the kids)) - flat out refused and was called "crazy" for even suggesting.
3. Ex says that picking them up any earlier on Fridays doesn't allow her the time to pack them and properly say good bye to them (eye roll). I asked her to pack them the night before but she attack me that how do i expect the kids to lug their stuff to school so they can be picked up from there - valid point. I told her that I purchased clothes and stuff the kids need for my house (something that she didn't allow in the past because "they have a home"), but even still they need their iPads, hobby bags (mma/gymnastics) that they can't really lug to school.
So tried that too! And failed (as usual).

To answer Arabian's question:
it wasn't my "move" that turned things around so much. It was when i found myself in a happy and healthy relationship (with a future!) with a woman that the kids and my family love that became an impossible situation to deal with my ex. Read between the lines....
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