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My partner moved several hours away from his kids and was willing to make all the trips to them monthly to spend time with them. His ex chose to refuse access but did so in a way that was walking a fine line of refusal. Then she used the teenager aspect on him. Sadly the relationship broke down further when he tried to fight her on it. His lawyer said it doesnt matter how old they are, what they are involved in or how they feel. She is obligated to facilitate the time which she refused to do.

You moved. You attempted to accommodate access following that move. She doesnt get to dictate your time. What she should be doing is discussing the activities with you first and giving you an option. She hasnt done that. Now shes denying you time because you dont agree to your time being hijacked by her.

File the paperwork for access and stop worrying about what others have to say. Youve tried working on different schedules and attempting to work together. Shes refusing.
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