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One more thing - Arabian - re: moving away.
When my ex and I separated, the only way i can live (financially) was to move to my parents house, which was still pretty far away from the kids' house. This is where i lived for 3 years (not ideal living situation at all!) until my fiancÚ and i moved in together. Yes, i moved, but i only added some additional 30KM to where i was before (in another direction). By moving in with my fiancÚ, i established a home environment for my kids - they have a room, a bed and a space to call their own).

Where i moved is only "far" because of the traffic, otherwise i can be with my kids within 45 minutes (rather than 30 minutes from my parents). So the whole move thing is not very relevant, and it really was in the best interest of my kids.

My fiancÚ and I have been actively seeking new houses for a while now. However that was put on hold with the financial implications of a court battle - we don't have the money for a downpayment, mortgage AND court.

So if you think that i am self serving think about this - i am staying put where I am so i can ensure i have a free and happy life with my kids (hence putting THEM before my OWN needs).

Hope this clears this up for you even further.
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