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When children only have four days a month with one parent, it is the majority parent's responsibility/duty to ensure that those days are FREE from activities that might interfere with that rare and precious time.

Your ex cannot deny access to you because you won't agree to take the children to activities she should never have signed them up for in the first place. If she does threaten to do so, do your best to get her to do it in an email so you have documentation for future court purposes if she actually does deny you access.

However, it sounds like you do not have a legal agreement or court order setting your access in stone. So you need to get that first.

Write up your desired schedule, and suggest it to her as an offer to settle, telling her you will have to go to court if she does not agree with it. But the current system isn't working and something must be done.

I'd suggest something like every other weekend, from pickup at school on Friday (or the previous school day in the event of a Friday holiday or PA day), to dropoff at school Monday morning (or the next school day in the event of a Monday holiday or PA day). That way, you never have to see her at an exchange, she can't mess around with the pickup of dropoff, and you get extra time on long weekends.

Also put that she is not to sign the children up for any activity that regularly occurs on your weekend, and in the event of a special occasion for an activity happening to land on your weekend (tournament, show, camping trip, whatever), it is up to you if the children attend or not, though you will make efforts to accommodate it.

While you're at it, you can also formalize equal sharing of holidays.

If she does not agree with your offer, you'll have to take her to court. The important thing is that with an ex like this, you NEED that legal document to follow.

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