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you keep using the words "health and stable" - what, specifically do you mean?

Many people commute 2 hrs each way to work, still have a "stable and healthy" life. You just have to get up earlier and go to bed earlier is all.

Your kids are presumably in a stable home living with their mother. They are enrolled in activities which they have enjoyed for a long time. Your decision to move has subjected the children to lengthy car rides (which they didn't have to endure prior to your moving).

I totally understand the desire of not having to drive so much and also the attraction of a new love interest. The thing is, however, these are your personal desires and have no bearing whatsoever on your children.

As children get older they develop new interests. I'd recommend toughing it out right now and do what you have to do (with a positive attitude so children don't feel guilty) to support their interests. If you have a loving and understanding fiance she will encourage you to stay at your mother's place when you are visiting your children so you don't have to be on the road so much. This might also foster relationship between the children and their grandmother.

Perhaps you can consider employment closer to where your children live?
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