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Because I cannot afford to live in that area and provide my kids with a healthy and stable home life.

The point is, wherever i lived, i have the right to decide what I do with my kids while on my time, instead of getting a laundry list of where they need to be picked up and where, dropped off and where, what time to return kid #1 and pick up kid #2, etc, etc, etc. My limited time with them (less than 4 days per week) should be spent bonding and making up for lost time. Not according to the "schedule" i'm expected to obey on any given weekend.

If I had the slightest possibility of getting more time with them, I would move back in a heart beat. When i lived there, the problem was exactly what it is now, yet i had to commute to work 4 hours per day every single day and see them 3 times in 2 weeks. SO - Instead of commuting 4 hours per day x 10 days per 2 weeks to go to work, now i commute 3 hours per day x 3 days per 2 weeks to go see them. And am able to have a life outside of driving 4 hours per day to commute to work.
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