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Originally Posted by pete360 View Post
To clarify, i did do extensive research and found this everywhere:
"A variation is commenced by way of initiating a Motion to Change at the appropriate court. Typically, the court that granted the initial order will be the court that hears the motion to change..."
Problem is that i don't have anything prior to this - there is NO initial order, just a vague "kitchen table" separation agreement.

So what is the proper protocol? I'm not saying i will do it myself, will most definitely search out legal council, i just want to be prepared to what's coming and not go into this completely blind.... Research, research, research...
You don't have any Final Order. Just a backyard agreement. You need to file a fresh application for custody and access. A motion change would be in the case that you had a final court order and wanted to change it. Just remember that you are legally equally entitled to custody.
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