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Your ex sounds like my ex again. She tried exact same thing. She is abusing her powers as sole custodial parent and should be barred from it. This is,unfortunately, what _some_ single moms tend to do when they are given powers bigger than their brains. What she is doing here is unreasonable and a judge would rail her for doing this. Some moms try very hard ( and fail miserably) to be creative sometimes.

For me, I refused to follow her demands and did not get the time but is something that is going to be used against her.

To be clear, it is _YOUR_ parenting time and you can do _whatever_ the hell you please (As long as you are not neglecting the kids).

I would just let her know you have made plans with the kids during your weekend time, but be rested assure to lose your Fridays. IF she takes Friday's then you could take her Sundays, and then she will likely cut off access and say you were keeping the kids past their badtime, yadi yadi ya.. And this is why these sole custodial arrangements fail. The mother's get their panties in a bunch and piss all over your time with your kids. It's not right but it's right to them. Afterall, their goal is to control you and jerk you around like a little b1tch, take all your money, and alienate the kids from you. Note: Not all moms do this. There are _normal_ mom's out there. Your ex, unfortunately, is someone who lawyers and judges labels as ridiculous - just like my ex .

You need to file an application to the court and stop trying to reason with a brainless person. It won't work. Trust me - I tried for several years. I have now given up and am just patently awaiting my big day in court.

The other parent telling you what to do on your time would be no different than you telling her to take your kids to dairy queen every Tuesday and Thursday for 30 minutes - and that she won't get the kids on those days unless she takes them to dairy queen.

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