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Default Kids' hobbies during access time?

In short:
Am i legally required to take my kids to their hobbies during my access/visitation time (every other weekend).

Or, do i have the right to make decisions for my kids while in my care to NOT take them to their regularly scheduled hobbies?

- there is nothing about "hobbies" noted in our vague separation/parenting agreement; however it has been "status quo".
- I have moved a year ago (75KM away from where they go to hobbies to be with my fiancÚ and be 7KM from my place of work). Since then I have been subjecting the kids to 2.5-3 hour rides every other weekend to get them to their hobbies when they're with me every other weekend. OR I have to spend every other weekend at my parents (who live close to their hobbies), subsequently uprooting myself and them every other weekend. This option doesn't create a stable home environment for my kids. And the kids prefer to be at MY home, not my parents.
- Kids do not wish to go any more; there are hours of crying, negotiating and begging to get them ready every other Saturday.

As a result of allowing them to "skip" hobbies on a few occasions, the Ex is now threatening to take away my Friday nights with the kids - if i don't confirm in writing that I will take them to their hobbies. She already refused me access this Friday and says i can pick them up on Saturdays after their hobbies instead.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!
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