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"You don't have any final order so she will manipulate the hell out of you - and you need to stop feeding into her." - man you took the words right out of my mouth. I have been manipulated the entire time i've known her. Wish i stood up for myself earlier. I am TRYING not to communicate with her, I even sent her a letter saying not to contact me unless it's 100% related to the kids, but she always has something to make my blood boil.
Re: Fridays - i say, "you can't do that, i'm picking the kids up on Fridays, see you then", she answers "you can have them on Saturday". so i copy and paste, and then she does the same. To no end. I'm going to pick up the kids on Friday, let's see what happens. If she's not there or i don't get it, i record it.

Question - budget number - how much does your "battle" go for these days?
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