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trinton has a little shameless behaviour in the past

your order sounds exactly like mine, and your ex also sounds exactly like mine. Sure we didn't have kids with the same person? JK.

My ex also has reduced the times and tried to take away the Fridays. But I have a lawyer and am in Court so my lawyer had to send a letter - threatening an interim motion - seeking costs- to keep the status quo.

You don't have any final order so she will manipulate the hell out of you - and you need to stop feeding into her.

Don't communicate to her unless it's an emergency. If she tries to change your times just keep letting her know that you do not agree to any reduction in your parenting time.

Keep documenting her ridicilious behaviour (including the unilateral non sense) and file an application to court seeking joint custody and equal parenting - and ask for an offset child support amount.

Find a good lawyer and start this process sonner than later. I would go for primary residency if I were in your shoes.
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