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Well kids have been in activities for years now. Until last year i allowed her to get away with her shit in fear of this war, which is exactly what is happening now.
A year ago i moved further away from the activities with my fiancÚ and to be closer to work (work is now 7km away from my house).
This move has subjected to kids to either:
a) have to be in the car for 3 hours every weekend to and from activities + the time IN the activities
b) we all have to uproot ourselves from my home and spend the weekend at my parents which are close to the activities (my ex doesn't seem to have a problem with this and is pushing for this). Uprooting ourselves every other weekend does not only not provide a stable home environment for my kids while they're with me, but we're all living like nomads every other weekend.

The kids also expressed their interest to STOP their activities, which is when i started speaking up, but it's not working.

That's for their current activities. However she "warned me" that she will enrol them in "new" activities which will even further affect weekends, and i told her that she doesn't have my consent for that. So even if she books something new, i know that i don't have to take them due to the fact that i bolded and underlined my non-consent.

The question is whether or not I legally have to take them to their current (status quo?) activities despite their wishes when they're with me, or i have the legal right to make decisions for them when they're with me?
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