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Has your separation agreement been filed with the court?

If it has:

You need to file a motion to change based on the changed status quo. You need to find ways to prove you have had the time with the kids (hopefully your ex told you via text/email that you will no longer have Fridays or that she was changing the time on Wednesdays.)

You may not want a long legal battle but sometimes that is what we need to do. If you don't take it to court she will forever punish you. Once you have proven that the circumstances have changed since your agreement (i.e. you have the kids on a more regular schedule than provided for in the agreement) then you can request more time, 50/50, vacation time, etc.

I could not afford a lawyer so I hired my lawyer just to show up to court. I did all the paper work and research and prepared everything, he was just there so the other lawyer didn't try to bulldoze me. It was a lot of work and research on my part but completely worth it.
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