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Having personally been involved in 20, 25, maybe more case conferences and now graduated to 5,10, maybe 15 trial management conferences, I have come to an epiphany. Each and every one has been a magnificent waste of time, money, energy and human resources. I stopped attending long ago. Started participating by phone. Not going to do that anymore either. Losing a day's pay to have the judge rant and rave for 2 minutes. Not going to happen a second time.
Not one single solitary issue has been settled to this point.

When you have a batshit crazy ex like I have case conferences and trial management conferences only serve to relieve you and your children of your financial resources. The judges themselves are full of bs.
We had one that told us he hadn't read any of our materials, another spent the entire conference lecturing both my ex and me that we should have better control of our lawyers.
On one occasion my ex deliberately violated the judge's court order by removing all the contents and furniture from the marital home ( while kids and I still living there). Next conference, instead of getting angry that he did this, the judge changed his order to now allow the removal of all the contents provided he doesn't sell or dispose of them without my signature.

Don't get stressed out about these ridiculous things called case conferences or TMC's. They're of no importance whatsoever. I don't even show up anymore. Just send my lawyer. When you're in a high conflict divorce with an unreasonable ex they're as useful as a herpes outbreak.
I'm only going to show up in court if we ever get to trial. We're only in our 6th straight year of litigation . Hopeful we'll get put on the trial list before my youngest celebrates the birth of his first grandchild!
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