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This I understand. Im confused on how to state it with the proof he has. For instance, ex has interfered in the relationship causing a break down in communications and sharing of info. The proof is documentation where kids have either "given permission to share", partner has had to go through teachers or kids have railed at him with info they shouldn't have.

His lawyer stresses this isn't about access and we understand that. But it involves access to information and the ex has manipulated the kids and their ages to prevent him from knowing anything.

His ex has claimed a pile of stuff that isn't true in her affidavit and at this point theres no clue if shes self repping. I worry that his lawyer is not aggressive enough but then that worry extends to how aggressive does he need to be? This is a person who refuses to adhere to the agreement and the law, who has dragged the children in and caused a breakdown in the relationship, who feels she is entitled to make any and all decisions and he is to simply pay up, and who has decided to file paperwork for money she is not entitled to with no proof or background for the claims.

When I read cases on canlii, the judges reference information and documents that have been provided to back up claims. Nothing like that has been provided.

I suppose we just wait for her case conference brief and go from there?
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