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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Just to bump this and get some info...

Anyone have any success in writing a good cc brief? My partner has a lawyer but we are also trying to save money so we are drafting, researching and organizing. He was going to start to lay out the brief and then have it ready for lawyers edit/input. My partner gets very emotional and wants to add stuff which is why I want to keep it short but relevant. Problem is, the access and sharing of information issues are VERY relevant to the case. There is case law where parties have been denied financial compensation due to refusal to share info. Plus his kids are pissed at him due to ex interference which has led to them terminating the relationship. Her refusal to include him and her continued interference/denial of access has led to the breakdown in the relationship.

My question is this: how best to refer to all of this? I know that it isn't an access issue, but the access issues have led to the financial issues because the ex is claiming he refuses to pay for anything and the kids are suffering emotionally/financially. Is it enough to simply state that she changed the terms and refuses to share info? Or should he cite examples and correspondence?
I was told by my lawyer (a senior partner) that citing cases, emotions and the like do not belong in case conference briefs or replies. You can feel free to bring up anything (including citing case law) but just note that it is not 'usual' to be doing so in any written reply. Citing cases/arguments are made in a trial, that's about it.
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