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Default Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of the devoted father's out there. Being a father in the context of separation and divorce is not always a pleasant thing. I say that as a father who was denied access and then called the police upon for allegations of harassment and threats - being unable to see the kids for some time - and continuing to be given grief for wanting an equal relationship to our child. With great courage, strength, and willpower, I was able to get some access (more in the works) and have now been very blessed to have found a very good lawyer who has made special time such as Father's day no longer just dreams and more so of realities.

Keep fighting for your children and being the devoted and "never" surrendering our children's rights/best interests type of father you have always been.

I did not mention any empathize to mother's who would not be able to see their children on Mother's day, so it is only fair game that I empathize with those mothers who were not able to see their children on mother's day - or with those mother's who were not able to see their children on this father's day.

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