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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
No you dont accept that. The reason why is because when they turn 18 he will stop and you will have to go after him for more. I dont even think a judge would accept that in an agreement.

Im not sure how offers to settle work but this is a dick move on his part to throw in what isnt even legal. Technically by law a child is still "a child of the marriage" if they are over 18 and unable to withdraw from parental support due to school.

This is what I thought - he can't really get away with absolving himself of supporting his kids with post-secondary education. And if this is truly how he feels then he really doesn't have his children's best interests at heart because me having to foot the bill solo would likely limit where they could attend, where they could live, etc. Wouldn't be fair. We attend mediation next week so I will be able to see if this is truly what he wants and not just poorly worded in his offer.

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