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I had one case conference and one settlement conference. The issues were all financial which is less emotional than things like child custody or access.

My advice would be to write a good brief and stick to it. Everything should be in it. In both my case conference and settlement conference, the master and the judge had read it and drove the conversation. If you're self representing, you don't want to have to think on your feet. It's likely the first time for you while, if there is a lawyer on the other side, they've done it a few hundred times. Read from your brief if you have to.

I was self rep'd but hired a lawyer so that I had the right format for my brief and wrote it in a style that the judge would be familiar with. I also had the lawyer review what I wrote. Cost me about $1,000 both times.

For the settlement conference, I basically started with my case conference brief and reused 90% of it.

Important to keep in mind that everything is on consent so be prepared to say no.

Of course, you have to file everything on time with the court and the other side.
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