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Originally Posted by OrleansLawyer View Post
or speaking to your local MP/MPP about improvements.
Thanks, I will speak to my local lawyer about how to best approach that - my local CAS office is presently taking over 9 months just to release records. This is causing unnecessary delays to Family court proceedings and ultimately undue stress to separating/separated parents and their children.

As per the Ontario Court of Justice, who would I speak to about that? They have this really bizzare motion process where you have to go before a judge when you file your motion to obtain a motion date (usually few to several months down the road) to actually argue the motion - you don't get to argue the same day as you do at the Superior Court of Justice. In a way it is a "leave" request in disguise - they will not give you a motion date if your motion is not procedure ally correct. I am not sure if that is transparent across all Ontario Court of Justice courts across Ontario. I know that there are unified family court systems in some regions, i.e., Hamilton.

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