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Parties take turns speaking with the Applicant going first. Bow when you enter the court room, always wait your turn and stand when speaking. "Your Honor" is an acceptable way to address him/her. Stick with that instead of the lord thing.

Read this:

How to Prepare for a Case Conference in the Superior Court of Justice | The Law Society of Upper Canada

CC's are an attempt to get parties to settle. Judges look for the most reasonable parties.

Top Ten important CC rules (to me).

Other then getting all the paper work and technicalities done right ...

1. Keep your brief "brief"!
2. Have an offer to settle prior
3. Show eagerness to settle out of the courtroom
4. Do not interrupt
5. Use low or neutral tone and avoid shaking or nodding head when listening.
6. Be sure to say that you will always respect other parents involvement
7. Remain resolution-focused the entire time.
8. Keep he said/she said statements out of affidavits, it irks judges
9. Remain calm and dont let the OP get under your skin .. they will try.
10. Don't sign or agree to ANYTHING you're not comfortable with .. it will haunt you later.
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