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Originally Posted by Ange71727 View Post
It will be separate from child support as that goes through FRO and daycare doesn't. He is struggling with it being based on last year's numbers even though I've agreed that it should all be rechecked at tax time and adjustments could be made then if the percentage was either over or underpaid.
It is kind of vague, and I could see how a non-math person might balk at it.

Figure out what sort of difference there was in past years for net vs total expense due to the tax reduction. Say you generally get back 10% in your taxes. So offer for him to pay 90% of his proportionate share of the monthly expense, and then work out any lingering over/under after tax time.

He doesn't want to pay you 100% of his normal share of the full cost and assume you'll pay him back his 'overpayment credit' once you determine the net cost at tax time.

You want him to pay you SOMETHING. Tell him that paying zero is nowhere close to what the proper amount will end up being.
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