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If you are going to counseling to be able to check a box in the court process and say "yes Ive gone to counseling" then this is a moot question because its not being done in the spirit it is intended.

If you are going to seek emotional support for the difficulty of the court action then the length of time and frequency of visits will depend on your personal needs.

No one can comment on your coping ability and what you require from a therapist because us anonymous people on an internet forum do not know you. A therapist can help you work through your hurt, stress and frustration with the process; your upset at the battle to see your child; your difficulty with lack of control. You could have a number of issues including sleep problems, anger outbursts, fear, sadness etc. Only your therapist will be able to tell when and how long they need to see you.

I strongly encourage you to go into the process with an open mind and a willingness to approach your feelings on the process. Dont use is as a tool against your ex or the court but rather as a tool for your emotional stability. You may find you enjoy it because its a neutral party who can help you see positive things in the future and provide coping skills for the current situation.
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