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Default Daycare payment issue

Hi all,
My ex and I have recently had to settle a daycare payment issue going back five years. Long story short, it was discovered that he had been paying his proportionate rate of the full daycare amount when it should've been the net daycare amount for the last couple years, but also drastically underpaid the first few years of the payments. It turns out we break even in the end.
Going forward we are trying to figure out how to add the daycare amount onto the monthly child support. He owes a certain percentage. My lawyer says the "common" way to do it is to base it on the net amount for 2016 - divide his proportionate share over 12 months and then just settle up at year's end if someone was under or over when actual numbers can be crunched at tax time. My ex says he doesn't think this is a fair way to determine it but also hasn't offered any solutions. He did not make his daycare payment last month as this issue is "unresolved" to him therefore he isn't paying until it is. So frustrating as he obviously owes something. Any suggestions?

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