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I think one simple way to look at this is that the opposing counsel works for your ex.... he takes instruction from your ex.

I think your remedy is to take your ex to court for not following court orders. What she decides to do with her lawyer is out-of-your hands.

One of my ex's lawyers was extremely difficult. Ultimately, my ex was held responsible for his inaction/errors in court because lawyer was acting on his behalf. One judge actually told my ex in court that he should dismiss his lawyer.

Can you not get an order for sale for your home wherein you present appraisals and have judge determine selling price range?

I found that while dealing with a difficult ex my best move was always to get in front of a judge (motions, motions, motions). All the other stuff is a waste of time with these people. Judges have an array of things they can penalize someone with who is not adhering to court orders. Also, I found that going to court was less expensive than the dilly-dally stuff with lawyers meeting with other lawyers... you don't have to pay for the judge's time. Your ex is being unreasonable and would likely be looking at costs.
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