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I know someone with a very similar situation (ex lying about support received to get FRO involved and collect over payment, then also filed a false arrears statement a few years later on top of it)

This man had paid the ex with cheques, mailed FRO proof of the cheques, and they still would NOT reimburse him UNLESS the mother would confirm with FRO that she did receive the cheques from him.

FRO told him that the mother was NOT responding to their letters confirming the cheques, so they could not do anything.

FRO told him if he wanted a chance at getting reimbursed, he needed to take the Mother to court (more legal fees/stress/time)

In situations like that....sometimes you are better to BANK the money until FRO kicks in, and then pay them the lump sum (but I get that sucks for the "supporting the kids" currently waiting for FRO to kick in!)

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