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Default The Process

There is a lot on here about the process from the start of separation/divorce but not much about the process following a motion to change.

I was wondering if anyone can give some details on this and what happens. My partners lawyer sort of told us but it was in terms of "well we hope she is reasonable and theres just a case conference" and I dont want to waste money asking.

What Im looking for is what happens after the first appearance what materials happen. For instance, what happens before the first appearance? Does she file another response? What gets filed before the case conference? What gets discussed and what can he expect at the first cc? What will lead to the next conference? What if she refuses to agree to anything if the judge agrees with my partner?

Ive ready the "process" stuff in the how to prepare documents online but I feel like it leaves some info out. Anyone who has gone through the MTC process several years after you settled things, please share.
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