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Originally Posted by ifeelold View Post
So I have a couple more questions regarding this if anyone can help me out. Should my affidavit be containing history and what my ex and I are asking of the court? Or should it be fact only as there are previous sworn documents detailing our views upon this particular matter?
Also, material change. This seems to be a little bit confusing and one of my arguments will be that there has not been a material change to support my ex's decision to move. They did not get a new job. They bought a house there for cheap but it's always been cheaper there. There's nothing different now than there would have been 5yrs ago. I think...?

Thanks again.
There has to be something different, though, or why would she want to move there?

I don't know anything about affidavits, but I can tell you that you don't list what your ex is asking. You just make all your arguments about why the children should stay put.

Key general areas to cover would be:

the distance would harm the kids' relationship with their father
they would be leaving their school and all their friends
they would lose access to their established activities

then you can get more specific to your situation.
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