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Default is attendance required for TBST date?

counsel has mentioned parties don't "HAVE" to be there for tbst dates. It is tbst re: status of OCL - whether they have taken the case or not.

Have been asked by teacher to volunteer in class and help students on same morning as my court date.

Counsel has mentioned at the tbst they wish to discuss involvement of OCL and set a date for the motion/trial etc. Other parent wants daycare and other costs on consent (good luck!). I am hoping for makeup weekend on consent for other parents contempt of denial of access (no formal motion filed yet) and exactly half of each month of summer for holiday access, with interim pickup drop offs to/from school. Things are really heated between us with the scheduling and holiday disagreements and with this going on for over 3 years now.

Do I really need to be in court that same day? Can the judge pressure my lawyer to consent on anything on my behalf without my agreement ? I've been told that it's good to be there and present at court dates but I do think this involvement in the classroom would be a good thing on me (if the other parent doesn't keep the child sick from school again on a day I'm scheduled to volunteer in the classroom).

Thoughts ?
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