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Originally Posted by mathatter89 View Post
During this entire process, either her parents supported her (cohabitation) or I supported her -since getting married (rent, groceries, bills, all paid by yours truly). I'm going to guess that if anything this helps my case....thoughts?

*Yes, I realize not everything is cut and dry but that's my initial observations of which I will be conveying to a lawyer in 2 hours.
Not sure you'll see this in time to add it to the discussion, or if this lawyer is already explaining things, but it's actually the opposite. The fact that you were willing to support her while she had zero income has created a precedent that you support her. It hurts your case. You've basically given the impression that she was never expected to support herself, that you took over where her parents left off, and would presumably have kept doing so if the marriage hadn't broken down.

You will need to spin it that you already supported her to get her ready for a good career, your support was intended to be finite for that purpose, and she is now is making income from her new career and is ready to be financially independent.

I think your first priority is getting equalization sorted out. It may be that you overpaid it or underpaid it. If you overpaid it, you can argue that she's already had extra money and doesn't need anything else. If you underpaid it, you can argue that you'll pay her the proper amount now and she doesn't need anything else.
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