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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
There are many reasons for current full financial disclosure. One that comes to mind is if you did not do equalization properly (she got shorted significantly). How much money did you profit/realize by the incomplete equalization?

With regards to medical impairment and her taking a pay cut. How would this be voluntary on her part?

Good to hear that you are contemplating retaining legal counsel. In the meantime you can access CanLii and read case law. Many of your questions would be answered by simply reading cases similar to yours. I found it to be quite useful.
It is my belief that she was shorted $0 during equalization. Like I said, both of us freely exchanged financial information and we kept what we brought into the relationship and split what we earned together in half.

With regards to her career

1) She was destined to go into Career A.
2) According to her, her medical issues (not a disability) would impede her at career A - not stopping her, but it would have been uncomfortable and not ideal (and something did happen to one of her professional designations that then prevented her from doing that - let's call that a revocation)
3) She decided to go into Career B - went back to school for it, and then started slowly getting into the field. She asked for my support to do this, and I offered it to her. (by paying for parts of her education, and supporting her financially). One can even argue that when she was starting out work wise, that she could have worked a second job as she was home all day all week for around 3 years while I worked a full time job traveling all over the world. Because I was not home and she could have worked more (as opposed to working 2-3 hours a day) but didn't have to (remember, no kids)....[in my belief] this would further hinder her argument for SS.
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