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Couple of things.

1) She can make the argument that she supported me while I was helping my income rise. I can also make the argument that I turned down making even more money (by staying where we lived) in an effort to help her establish her career because she's in a field that is location dependent (versus mine is not). I can also make the argument that she decided to take a significant pay cut at one point due to medical reasons and I agreed to support her with a career change as she re-established her career - had to get a new degree and experience in a new field altogether. (cohabitated at the time, but not married) (in total, cohabitated for 5 years, married for 3 of those years).

2) She can make the argument that she could have made more money in the last year of our relationship by working elsewhere, but she chose to stay in an effort to support me because I was making more money then. If she would have been single, she could have made more money oversees, but then again her bills and schooling wouldn't be magically paid by me and her schooling wouldn't have been partly paid by me/us.

If disclosure is done as of date of separation, then why am I forced to (as part of the form) list YTD income and forced to attach the most recent paystubs?

For the record, she is not murmuring about costs, I'm just a pessimist so I'm thinking out loud/writing it out because I'm overly pessimistic. So thanks for addressing that
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