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No. This just speaks to the immaturity of the two people/inability to live within their means IMO.

It would be a colossal waste of money to pay a lawyer 350.00/hr to delve into this. You are a high-income earner and you should realize that there are many lawyers out there who are going to try to separate you from your money. They can do this by simply convincing your ex that she is being ripped off and is entitled to more money. How you deal with this? You have to shut off the pump so-to-speak. You have been separated for more than a year. Hopefully you and your ex aren't still email/text buddies. Big mistake but then that is a thing of this generation isn't it?... having to stay connected. With that said, I'd cut off communication and move on with your life (hopefully move out of your parents place too LOL).
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