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You are both young, no children and married for short term and I therefore I don't believe SS will come into play.

Unless you signed agreements to repay parents then it is irrelevant. If you make the kind of money you say you do then I really wonder about the two of you having your parents pay off your credit cards. If you can't manage your spending habits then I would suggest cutting up and disposing of your credit cards.

Sounds like the two of you were mutually not honest in disclosing gifts from parents throughout your short marriage (receiving money from parents to pay off credit cards).

I'd learn from your mistakes and move on. You have probably "dodged a bullet" but the next time may not be so simple. Had you stayed with this person a few more years and she became totally disabled then you could be supporting her for a very long time.

You did not disclose how you and your STBX made the 100k - hope it was legal or you had fun doing it! Hopefully you and your ex paid back your parents???
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