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Originally Posted by mathatter89 View Post
Good point, thanks.

Lump sum SS - yes, you can think of it like that.


I brought in $10K to the marriage
She brought in $10K to the marriage

We earned $100K together.

I sent her a lump sum payment of $50K. (she keeps 10k, I keep 10k, I send her half of the amount we earned together) because I kept all $100K in "my personal accounts"

Then you have assets - cash You are dividing up your assets....equalization of assets.

Spousal support is entirely different. She may or may not be entitled to SS. If she makes a claim for SS then you would be wise to hire a lawyer. However, she would have to prove why she is entitled to SS (3 year marriage set her career back - hard to do with no children).

Many people think that the words "spousal support" should never come out of your mouth until she formally makes a claim. Always keep in mind that should she be successful (down the road) with her claim, it may be retroactive to the time when she first raised the subject of SS.

So, I guess you will wait now to see what her lawyer sends to you.

Good luck!
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