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Typical judge. Big, long winded speech, acknowledging serious problems with family court but does he actually do anything meaningful about it? No. Of course not.
How about offering extensive reintegration therapy for this family paid for by the government that wronged them in the first place. If the parents have addiction or mental health problems offer them treatment at the best treatment centres in the country. At least try to mitigate the damage.

How about financial compensation for all three of these victims of family court? Suspension of the incompetent lawyers licenses?

If this were a custody and access case between two parents , the judge would have no problem keeping this going another 10 years or until the child turned 18. Counselling would have been ordered for reintegration even if one of the parents hadn't seen the child in 12 or more years.
Why should these two parents be treated any differently just because CAS is involved?

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