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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
I believe the correct process is to go through the Ombudsman.
File a complaint with the Ontario Ombudsman. I'm on the receiving end of FRO. My STBX has never once been on time with his payments, he has stopped payments and unilaterally reduced his payments, telling FRO he went to court in secret without notifying my lawyer or myself and had the support payments reduced in half. They do not return your calls. One time I sat and redialed their number for three hours in a row. No answer. Extremely frustrating to deal with. Refused to go after him for support arrears. Said he was making an effort and he had to be 4 months in arrears before they would even give him a call much less send him a letter. When I contacted the Ontario Ombudsman they made them go after him immediately. Good luck.
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