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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
Court clerks can act as commissioner for taking affidavits. It's like 10 or 20 dollars. Sometimes they do it for free.. especially if you know any court clerks

Process server costs can run high. Especially when they're unprofessional. My last lawyers process server didn't return my call to make arrangements on the day we discussed and tried to serve me on an unarranged day when I was at a parenting class. And continued to try and serve me on unarranged times when I would not be available and not pickup the phone when I would call him to arrange something. In the end he left it with family 3 days past the deadline without permission from court and so I was granted an adjournment to properly prepare for the assessment hearing but I accepted service because I didn't want to deal with a moron process server any more. Waste of my time and a nice ding to the lawyers pocket due to all of the failed attempts.
I see. I did a lot of research for process servers as there were very few with reviews. I'm surprised that there are so many servers out there. I guess most are scams.

I found one that will take recordings of each attempt and to provide them to the applicant/customers. I'm hoping that this will help with a successful delivery and a good experience as a customer.
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