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This may or may not be relevant, and pure speculation on my part....

if you have already told her that she is going to be served then it would not take a leap to deduce that she is consulting a lawyer. Lawyer may have advised her to do nothing until she is served.

Process server is the way to go. You can instruct the process server to serve her when she leaves work and is getting into her car. You simply provide information to process server (hours of work, make of car, photograph of her, etc.).

I get that you are trying to "minimize angst...." etc. However, 12 months from now this will seem very trivial to you.

Best to get things done right.

I do hope the two of you have had Independent Legal Advice (ILA). You may save yourself much stress and $$$ in the future if you do things correctly right at the start. Pinching pennies when it comes to separation agreements isn't a wise decision and I urge you to reconsider and retain a family law lawyer to review everything for you.
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