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Default Process Serving - in Person


I have submitted a form 8A (application for divorce) with the courts and am now in the process serving stage. I am aware of where my respondent lives and works, but out of respect to her, have reached out and asked if she would accept the paperwork by mail (served and mailed by a processor). She has not responded and thus my next step is to figure out how best to proceed while minimizing angst and additional grief on her part.

If I use a process server to serve her in person with the documents and the process server is successful in delivering the items to her/or by her feet, do I require additional permission from the courts to do so (much like advertising the application in the news, etc) or is that standard service?


(I do not know why she has not responded although I don't think that's relevant from a legal perspective right now)

(neither party has a lawyer although a separation agreement has been signed and agreed upon - seeking a final uncontested divorce at this point)

*reside in Ontario
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