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Originally Posted by The-Iceberg View Post
Missed around 40 days and been also late around 40. Some 15 days can be excused, most later are "excused late". Mother, however, has forced the child to school when he was ill. A few times school called to pick him up. Marks are not good but according to the teachers it is because of his misbehaviour at school rather than lates/misses.

The principal called me once and said he was about to call the government (cas). I made him not to. I have been talking to his teachers and I have been in touch with principal a lot. There were days when the child didn't wanna go to school. I called him and we solved that problem. If my son (grade 4) has no health issues this month he wont be missing any days. I work with teachers to improve marks.

My ex is NOT going to get what she wants. She was practically out of picture for 7 years and only this year she held on 50/50. The weird thing is she has been driving the kid to-from school, picked him up from my place. I haven't ddrove the child to her house almost a year. I never said I can't or won't, she just does it. IDK if that is another tactic but she has a lot to PROVE. Her word against mine.
Is it possible she's just trying to make sure kid gets to school?

Without all the information I will assume one of two reasons for the truancy issue.
1 - Kid misses school and is frequently late for school because every morning it's a fight just to get him to go.
2 - Kid misses school and is frequently late for school because parent doesn't get their ass out of bed in the morning to send them, and kid doesn't care.
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