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Originally Posted by freckles1234 View Post
I still cant figure out how to break this in to different quotes..
Use the opening QUOTE tags before the sentence, and the closing QUOTE tag at the end like so:

Originally Posted by freckles1234 View Post
Yes tutoring is necessary. My 13 year old has dyslexia, my 12 year old is reading at a grade 2 level and my 9 year old can't spell simple words. My ex is also unable to put together a proper sentence. I help them when they are with me and work on it but I can only do so much. I would be more than happy to contribute to a tutor but not this one. She is unqualified for their issues, she does all their work for them and in 2 years there has been no improvements. I told the exact same thing to the judge and he told her if she wants me to pay for it then we have to agree on the tutor otherwise she can continue with this one and pay for her herself.
She CANNOT tell you what to do or what not to do on your holidays, except for tell you to take them to hockey,swimming, etc on your time. So you simply take your kids for your time and do whatever the hell you please with them.

Why don't you put together a list of tutors that you think would be of help and give that to her ? I am sure you could teach your kids more on your own than any tutor would. Tutor has clearly been doing jack all but collecting paychecks for the last 2 years. Or instead, why don't you hire your own tutor for when you have the kids ?

Originally Posted by freckles1234 View Post
I will not agree nor pay for activities they do not like. My ex has gotten over that one now and just lets me register/pay for them. Like I said, I am ok with that. My daughter cheers and is in love with it, my son plays hockey and the other one plays soccer. (I also have my wife's daughter that figure skates competitively and her bio dad doesn't pay his support) Are they cheap? Nope but I work my tail off so they can do it and I don't bother asking for my ex to help. She has been on welfare for 12 years now and I don't expect that to change anytime soon.
See my comment above.

Originally Posted by freckles1234 View Post
My only concern is I don't want to be unable to do anything all summer because she wants her tutor to come to my house 3 days a week. Again, I would agree no problem if the tutor actually helped them but she does not.
Just let her know you haven't seen any improvement, and propose a list of new tutors to her (preferably ones that specialize in those areas). If she doesn't agree then you could motion it. or hire your own tutor on your time whatever convenient to you. 3 days a week sounds a bit much - won't be long before your kids lose interest in school.

Of course, wait to see what others have to say before you make any decisions.
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