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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
Did she discuss and did you agree?

If you didn't agree, then I'm not sure if tutoring falls under the category of "at least one activity beyond any educational extra curricular activity". To me it seems that you must agree on educational extra curricular activity and anything beyond that you have no say in and must take child to events, i.e., hockey, swimming etc.
She is WELL aware that I will not be paying for it. That isn't even a question. I did not agree and she has tried 3 times to get me to pay and I have refused again letting her know that I may consider it should she switch to a tutor able to help mykids.

I am 99% sure it is an educational extra curricular and therefore does not fall within our agreement. I actually put in the extra curricular clause because I have my kids in activities and my daughter wanted to do competitive cheer but practices are during her time. I do pay for all the extra curricular activities because she wanted the kids to do what she wants and no what they want. Ah well, I'd rather pay for them and my kids enjoy what they do then them having to do something they don't like. They are only young for so long, right?
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