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Originally Posted by freckles1234 View Post
It has the typical the parties will discuss and agree on any section 7 expenses. If the parties do not agree, the party registering the child will be responsible for the cost.

That is it.
Did she discuss and did you agree?

Originally Posted by freckles1234 View Post
The children shall be permitted to be involved in at least 1 activity at any given time beyond any educational extra curricular activity regardless of whose time the activity falls on. If there is an option on days of participation, the parties will decide together which day is best. The parties will work together to ensure the children attend all events and practices associated with such an activity.
If you didn't agree, then I'm not sure if tutoring falls under the category of "at least one activity beyond any educational extra curricular activity". To me it seems that you must agree on educational extra curricular activity and anything beyond that you have no say in and must take child to events, i.e., hockey, swimming etc.
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